Books and Puppy Drive 2016!

Mathaus’ Gifts delivered the books, stuffed animals and balloons for our annual donation drive today in celebration of Mathaus’ 7th birthday!
Such a huge thank you to everyone that donated!!
We stopped by the Half-Pint Library first. It was great to meet the women we will be working with as a part of Dell Children’s new program, Good Book Good Medicine.  They were running low on books and very appreciative for the new books to restock the shelves. We had a great selection of books this year to give! There was a variety for all age ranges and bilingual books too.
It was also exciting to see how many of the books matched the stuffed animals! There were so many cute sets we gave out!

Our next stop was on the 4th floor, the hematology/oncology unit at Dell Children’s, it was so good to see familiar and loving smiles on the floor! There were 16 kiddos admitted for the day. The first little cutie loved stuffed “lovies” and she took her time choosing just the perfect one. Her first choice was a big soft fluffy pink puppy, but with so many how can a girl choose just one?! She had her eye on a turtle and penguin, but settled on a fun zebra! We gave her the matching book and a bright pink star balloon! You could tell she enjoyed making a selection and her mom said it made her day! Yay!!
There was another sweetie that ventured out of her room. She had just seen Nemo for the first time and picked a cute Nemo fish, a matching book set and an orange balloon!  It’s always so fun sweet when its a perfect match.
There was a little guy that loved Grover and was very excited about getting a blue balloon!
A couple of mamas came out and made some picks for there sleeping little ones. One choose a cute puppy and ‘I Love Puppies’ book and another got excited over a sweet Poo bear and Poo book!
We loaded the nurses down for the rest of the patients that couldn’t make it out!

From there we met with the palliative care team and gave them some fun books to give to their patients.  They appreciated having a variety of books to offer their kids.  These books will be used by volunteers to read to patients.

Funny story, just to add, we brought Mathaus’ puppy with us and several people had to look twice and commented because they thought it was real! It was of course a stuffed puppy that we had received at one of his many stays at the hospital.  It has been with us through out his journey and is with us still.

Lots of love and sweetness was spread today!!

We know everyone has many choices when making donations at this time of year and we greatly appreciate you choosing to donate to our special event! Your donations brought a smile to kids today and a bright spot during a hospital stay!

Thank you for your amazing support!



Good Book Good Medicine

End of school year, Mathaus' 7th Birthday 035

Mathaus’ Gifts has been invited by Dell Children’s Medical Center to be included in their new program, Good Book Good Medicine! We are very excited to say we will be one of the primary annual donors for the Half Pint Library, located inside the resource center at Dell Children’s Medical Center!  We will be donating new books to the library to ensure the shelves stay stocked and that during a hospital stay patients and their siblings are each able to choose one or two books from the library to take home.

In honor of Mathaus’ birthday, Mathaus’ Gifts has had an annual event to donate books, movies, stuffed animals and balloons to Dell Children’s.  We are thrilled to now be an official sustaining donor! We are looking forward to continuing this special event!

For more information on the resource center at Dell Children’s here is a link.

Butterfly Kisses

Mathaus’ Gifts sent some sweet butterfly kisses to a beautiful family as they travel out of state so their sweet child can receive treatment as part of a clinical trial.  The challenges and costs of caring for a family separated can be enormous.  Mathaus sent some sweet butterfly kisses to help them on their way. We are keeping their family close in prayer and we are sending them our love.

Butterfly Kisses

Leander HS Blue Belles & Mathaus’ Gifts

Mathaus’ Gifts was extremely excited to partner with Leander High School’s dance team, the Blue Belles!  The Blue Belles choose a service project every year which allows the team the opportunity to connect with and give to their community.  This year their focus was on childhood cancer.  It was a project that hit close to home for the team, as one of their own has been undergoing treatment with cancer.  Mathaus’ Gifts was honored to be able to speak with the Blue Belles to educate the team about childhood cancer and offer active ways they can help children with cancer and their families.

The ladies spent the evening putting together snow globe craft kits to donate to the Dell Children’s Medical Center and the Children’s Blood and Cancer Center.  The team also graciously donated new books as well.  They even printed snow globe Christmas cards that they each signed.

It was a wonderful opportunity to work with the Blue Belles and we were grateful for their efforts and donations for children with cancer!

Blue Belles 2 blue bellescraft kits Blue Belles

Supporting RMDH Central Texas

Mathaus’ Gifts had such fun spending the morning at Ronald McDonald House of Central Texas!

Hot off the griddle were pancakes, bacon and eggs along side coffee, juice and fresh fruit! AND…because we had even more awesome donations we were able to gift families staying at RMDH with stuffed animals for the kids and lots of books!!  A huge shout out to Parents as Teachers in Leander and Claire Loveless’ crew at The Gap for your donations!  There was a precious little girl thrilled with her little Lighting McQueen! She went on and on about McQueen and Mater and the crew, it was so cute!  It was a fun morning with friends and we are grateful to serve! Thank you Emily Buratti and kids for being a part of a great day!

Mathaus’ Gifts Puppies, Books and Movies Drive 2015

Mathaus’ Gifts Puppies, Books and Movies Drive was such a huge success!!

We loaded the car to the bursting point and thanks to Ga’ma was able to get an additional car full of balloons!
Our first stop, once at Dell Children’s, was the Half Pint Library. They looked surprised at the amount of donations and greatly appreciated all the books and movies! They were running low on books so it was perfect timing. Because of you that need was met and many many kids will be able to have great books to read during their time at the hospital.

From there we headed up to 4North where we were welcomed with big hugs and smiles! Just as we got in we meet a little guy with Lighting McQueen shoes and he was pretty curious what we had in the big totes. He lit up over the super hero balloon and took his time to select just the right animal. Quenton thought the McQueen stuffed pillow would be perfect for him and he took it happily. Michelle, the sweetest CA, was a huge help selecting the perfect stuffed animal for each kiddo. Little fighters of all ages were on 4North.  There was a precious sleeping baby no more than a couple of months old, several teenagers and an 18 month old sweetie hard at work at PT. We met a young boy that was able to come out and say hi and pick a couple of little animals. He was so friendly and welcomed the company. He was all smiles and pleased at his new arm full of goodies as he went back to his room!

Before we headed to the Children’s Blood and Cancer Center (CBCC) we stopped by to see the palliative care team and left a little bag of adorable soft animals with them to give to families in their care.  When we arrived at the clinic we were welcomed was again with open arms! We headed to back where there were several kiddos in the transfusion area. We passed out the rest of the balloons and the kids were able to pick out the perfect stuffed animals for themselves. Thankfully there was plenty left for the kids in the days to come! We also dropped off a big stack of movies, snacks and books! They appreciated it all and gave some good ideas on items we can add in the future!
When we left the house this morning we were excited with anticipation having 93 movies, 129 stuffed animals and 329 books!!! It felt so great to leave Dell Children’s and CBCC empty handed but with a full heart! My hope is that the kids and families know they aren’t alone and that you know your generosity has made a positive impact!! I am so proud and grateful to you, our community!! Thank you so much for participating in this years drive!!! You brighten the days of some very deserved kids and families!!!!

A special thank  you to: Pattie and Monty Moke, Heather Stan, Center Stage Dance Center in Leander, Eve Ambrose, Girl Scout Troop 696, Heather Roybal, Mrs. Casares’ and all the first grade classes at Jim Plain and Dana Brown Gayda.

Mathaus’ Gifts Puppies, Books and Movies Drive!!

It’s time again for Mathaus’ Gifts Puppies, Books and Movies Drive!!

This is a great opportunity to get your kiddos involved and reach out to your community! We are asking for donations of NEW stuffed animals and like new books and movies which will be donated to the children at Dell Children’s Medical Center. The stuffed animals will be given, along with a balloon, to the children admitted to the hospital. The books and movies will be donated to the Half Pint Library located in Dell Children’s and to the Central Blood and Cancer Center Clinic.
The movies are available to use anytime while children are admitted and the children are able to select books for free to take home. It makes long days at the hospital and clinic go by a little faster reading stories and watching your favorite movies.
Last year was a huge success; let’s see if we can’t break our record of 379 books, 76 animals and 46 movies!! Share with your friends, co-workers, Girl and Boy Scout troops, churches and temples and let’s spread the word!!!!

The deadline is May 15th.  To make arrangements for pick up of items, please call 512-966-0957.




New Pediatric cancer drug approved!

FDA Approves Pediatric Cancer drug

FDA Approves Pediatric Cancer drug

We are very excited that there is a new medication approved by the FDA for pediatric cancers! This is just the third pediatric cancer drug approved in 2 decades!

Our family understands what it’s like to have no options left for our child. We are so happy that there is new hope for families!  I was explaining the great news to our children. They insist it isn’t fair that more money isn’t given to children for research. They are so right! That is why it is so important to continue to support organizations that focus on pediatric cancer research!

We have a victory today!

Here is a link to a local Austin news station, KXAN, about the approval of the medication and how it is helping families locally.