Good Book Good Medicine

End of school year, Mathaus' 7th Birthday 035

Mathaus’ Gifts has been invited by Dell Children’s Medical Center to be included in their new program, Good Book Good Medicine! We are very excited to say we will be one of the primary annual donors for the Half Pint Library, located inside the resource center at Dell Children’s Medical Center!  We will be donating new books to the library to ensure the shelves stay stocked and that during a hospital stay patients and their siblings are each able to choose one or two books from the library to take home.

In honor of Mathaus’ birthday, Mathaus’ Gifts has had an annual event to donate books, movies, stuffed animals and balloons to Dell Children’s.  We are thrilled to now be an official sustaining donor! We are looking forward to continuing this special event!

For more information on the resource center at Dell Children’s here is a link.

Leander HS Blue Belles & Mathaus’ Gifts

Mathaus’ Gifts was extremely excited to partner with Leander High School’s dance team, the Blue Belles!  The Blue Belles choose a service project every year which allows the team the opportunity to connect with and give to their community.  This year their focus was on childhood cancer.  It was a project that hit close to home for the team, as one of their own has been undergoing treatment with cancer.  Mathaus’ Gifts was honored to be able to speak with the Blue Belles to educate the team about childhood cancer and offer active ways they can help children with cancer and their families.

The ladies spent the evening putting together snow globe craft kits to donate to the Dell Children’s Medical Center and the Children’s Blood and Cancer Center.  The team also graciously donated new books as well.  They even printed snow globe Christmas cards that they each signed.

It was a wonderful opportunity to work with the Blue Belles and we were grateful for their efforts and donations for children with cancer!

Blue Belles 2 blue bellescraft kits Blue Belles

New Pediatric cancer drug approved!

FDA Approves Pediatric Cancer drug

FDA Approves Pediatric Cancer drug

We are very excited that there is a new medication approved by the FDA for pediatric cancers! This is just the third pediatric cancer drug approved in 2 decades!

Our family understands what it’s like to have no options left for our child. We are so happy that there is new hope for families!  I was explaining the great news to our children. They insist it isn’t fair that more money isn’t given to children for research. They are so right! That is why it is so important to continue to support organizations that focus on pediatric cancer research!

We have a victory today!

Here is a link to a local Austin news station, KXAN, about the approval of the medication and how it is helping families locally.


Through the Unthinkable – Pediatric Palliative Care

Through the Unthinkable, by Rose Cahalan was a piece about pediatric palliative care written for the Alcalde, The Official Publication of the Texas Exes.  The article follows Rachel Carnahan, a social worker on the pediatric palliative team at Dell Children’s Medical Center in Austin.  Rachel was Mathaus’ palliative care social worker.  We are grateful to Rachel for the exceptional care she gave our Mathaus and our entire family.

Here is an excerpt from the article:

“The word “palliative” comes from the Latin pallium, meaning “cloak.” A cloak is a fitting image for a model of health care focused on encompassing the whole person, not just their illness. Palliative care is often confused with hospice—a narrower subtype of palliative care focused on the end of life—but increasingly, it isn’t only for people who have a terminal prognosis. The basic idea is that a team of doctors, nurses, and social workers collaborates to alleviate pain and stress. Their top priority is to improve quality of life, whether or not a cure is possible.”

“Palliative care is not about death,” Jones tells them. “It’s more about living. In pediatric palliative care we look for ways to reduce suffering and allow kids and families to live life to the fullest.”

To read the article in it entirety click the link below:

I was asked to share a parents perspective on pediatric palliative care.  I was glad to share Mathaus’ life and talk about the importance palliative care was to our family.  To view the video playing on the Long Horn Network click below: