Good Book Good Medicine

End of school year, Mathaus' 7th Birthday 035

Mathaus’ Gifts has been invited by Dell Children’s Medical Center to be included in their new program, Good Book Good Medicine! We are very excited to say we will be one of the primary annual donors for the Half Pint Library, located inside the resource center at Dell Children’s Medical Center!  We will be donating new books to the library to ensure the shelves stay stocked and that during a hospital stay patients and their siblings are each able to choose one or two books from the library to take home.

In honor of Mathaus’ birthday, Mathaus’ Gifts has had an annual event to donate books, movies, stuffed animals and balloons to Dell Children’s.  We are thrilled to now be an official sustaining donor! We are looking forward to continuing this special event!

For more information on the resource center at Dell Children’s here is a link.