Books and Puppy Drive 2016!

Mathaus’ Gifts delivered the books, stuffed animals and balloons for our annual donation drive today in celebration of Mathaus’ 7th birthday!
Such a huge thank you to everyone that donated!!
We stopped by the Half-Pint Library first. It was great to meet the women we will be working with as a part of Dell Children’s new program, Good Book Good Medicine.  They were running low on books and very appreciative for the new books to restock the shelves. We had a great selection of books this year to give! There was a variety for all age ranges and bilingual books too.
It was also exciting to see how many of the books matched the stuffed animals! There were so many cute sets we gave out!

Our next stop was on the 4th floor, the hematology/oncology unit at Dell Children’s, it was so good to see familiar and loving smiles on the floor! There were 16 kiddos admitted for the day. The first little cutie loved stuffed “lovies” and she took her time choosing just the perfect one. Her first choice was a big soft fluffy pink puppy, but with so many how can a girl choose just one?! She had her eye on a turtle and penguin, but settled on a fun zebra! We gave her the matching book and a bright pink star balloon! You could tell she enjoyed making a selection and her mom said it made her day! Yay!!
There was another sweetie that ventured out of her room. She had just seen Nemo for the first time and picked a cute Nemo fish, a matching book set and an orange balloon!  It’s always so fun sweet when its a perfect match.
There was a little guy that loved Grover and was very excited about getting a blue balloon!
A couple of mamas came out and made some picks for there sleeping little ones. One choose a cute puppy and ‘I Love Puppies’ book and another got excited over a sweet Poo bear and Poo book!
We loaded the nurses down for the rest of the patients that couldn’t make it out!

From there we met with the palliative care team and gave them some fun books to give to their patients.  They appreciated having a variety of books to offer their kids.  These books will be used by volunteers to read to patients.

Funny story, just to add, we brought Mathaus’ puppy with us and several people had to look twice and commented because they thought it was real! It was of course a stuffed puppy that we had received at one of his many stays at the hospital.  It has been with us through out his journey and is with us still.

Lots of love and sweetness was spread today!!

We know everyone has many choices when making donations at this time of year and we greatly appreciate you choosing to donate to our special event! Your donations brought a smile to kids today and a bright spot during a hospital stay!

Thank you for your amazing support!